March 18, 2015



NQC 2015 Seating Plan

Video Monitors

We are improving video imaging during NQC 2016 performances. There will be twice as many video screens in the concert hall giving attendees the benefit of straight on viewing regardless of their seating location.

The video imaging will also be enhanced by a substantial increase in the size of the monitors above the stage. Instead of 62” monitors, these monitors will be 80”, providing much better viewing for those who utilize the monitors.

Staggered Rows

We will stagger rows on the floor. This means nobody will be directly behind the person in front of them improving visibility throughout The LeConte Center.

Elevated Seating

The back 10-15 rows in several sections will be elevated on risers. Each row will be 6” higher than the row in front of them.

These risers are being obtained from the NCAA where they are used in the Georgia Dome for NCAA basketball tournaments. The LeConte Center’s chairs will sit on these risers, a huge benefit for those in the back rows.


More to Come

These are by no means all of the improvements we are making, but these will be immediately noticeable when you walk into The LeConte Center. Be sure to check our blog and social media for all the latest.