NQC Exhibitor Packet


NQC Lease Agreement – Download
The lease agreement is binding on all NQC exhibitors. You do not need to execute and return it.


You do not need to register in advance for your badges, however, remember that you are limited to four badges for your first booth and 2 additional badges for each additional booth. Any additional badges you need will need to be purchased on site for $75.00 each. (Performing members of Main Stage and Showcase Artists will receive Artist Badges in addition to the exhibitor badges.) You may pick up your badges upon arrival at the counter labeled “Information” located located at the main entrance of the LeConte Center.


Map of the LeConte Convention Center – Download
The exhibits are located in the main concourses, North Ballrooms and Greenbriar Ballroom of the LeConte Convention Center. The exhibitor parking area is located in the paved lot noted on the diagram. You will be able to run your generators in that lot throughout the course of the event. Please let us know if you have any questions about the parking arrangements.


Booths with Numbers – Download
If you are uncertain of your booth location, please send an e-mail to staff@natqc.com, and we will let you know your booth numbers. Your booth location was in the e-mail sent to you about the exhibitor packet materials being available on our web-site.


Geo. E. Fern Co. Packet  
This online packet is used to order any booth accessories you might need for your booth. The show colors this year will be beige drapes (for the ballroom exhibits only.) If you wish to order electricity when you arrive, you must do so no later than Monday, September 23rd. No electricity orders will be taken after Monday.
•  Electricity Service Order Form (Download)
•  Shipment Receiving and Delivery (Download)
To have Geo. E Fern Co. receive and deliver your freight to your booth, refer to the shipping/handling section of their online order packet located at the end of their packet.


Gate/Parking Pass
Though parking is free, the Artist/Exhibitor lot will be under guard, reserved for performing artists and exhibitors.  Upon arrival, check in with the guards who will have a list of pre-approved artists and exhibitors.  When you check in the first time, they will place a sticker in windshield of approved coaches and vehicles.  The sticker will allow you come and go from the lot throughout the week.

Refer to the 2019 Lease Agreement for Load-In and Load Out times as well as all other exhibit policies.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at staff@natqc.com or at 800-846-8499 option 5. We look forward to seeing you in September.