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March 28, 2014

2 Very Special NQC Shows at Dixie Stampede, Pigeon Forge


Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Hosts 2 Special NQC Shows

PIGEON FORGE, TN – The NQC – National Quartet Convention, Gospel music’s largest annual event, will debut in the Smoky Mountains this fall. Being the home of Dolly Parton, whose roots are in Gospel and country music, the National Quartet has been warmly welcomed into her Dixie Stampede.


On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 and Thursday, September 25, 2014, Dixie Stampede will host shows exclusively for NQC – National Quartet Convention attendees. Beginning at 3:00 p.m. on those dates, performers from the convention will play in the 35,000-square foot arena followed by the Dixie Stampede main show and a four-course feast. NQC – National Quartet Convention performers include Soul’d Out Quartet and Tribute Quartet. The shows on September 24 and 25 will conclude at 5:00 p.m. to give guests plenty of time to return to the LeConte Center for the night’s performances.


2 Special Dixie Stampede - Performances

The Most Fun Place To Eat In The Smokies

Dixie Stampede is also offering a special rate for these performances, which is available only to NQC – National Quartet Convention attendees. You can make reservations by calling the Dixie Stampede box office at (800) 356-1676.

Dixie Stampede thunders into the 2014 season with all-new special effects, highlighted with a rousing new overture and video projections which fill the arena with stampeding horses so lifelike the thundering hooves rattle the tables.

During our patriotic finale set to Color Me America!, written and performed by Dolly Parton, the entire arena floor is filled with the image of an American flag blowing in the breeze as a dozen horses and riders proudly present our nation’s colors.

For more information on Dixie Stampede, showtimes and reservations call 1-800-356-1676 or visit

March 5, 2014

Singing News Fan Awards Returns To The National Quartet Convention Main Stage In 2014

Singing News Magazine and the Board of Directors of the National Quartet Convention (NQC) have reached a multi-year agreement for the NQC to present The Singing News Fan Awards on the Main Stage of the NQC, beginning in 2014.

Singing News Operations Manager Rick Francis states, “Danny Jones and I have been working on the details of this partnership with NQC for several weeks. It just makes sense for the Singing News Fan Awards to take place during the week of NQC, during a time when the entire Southern Gospel music community —fans, artists, and industry—is together in one place. We are very pleased about this agreement.”

The dates for this year’s NQC will be September 21 – 27, 2014 at The LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Singing News Fan Awards will be presented by the NQC on Friday, September 26, 2014, at 12:30 p.m.

NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley states, “The Singing News Fan Awards and the NQC were inseparable institutions for decades, and we are delighted that the Fan Awards will once again call the NQC home.”

Singing News Editor-In-Chief Danny Jones adds, “The Singing News Fan Awards and The National Quartet Convention have a long history together. Some of Southern Gospel music’s fondest memories have been created on the Fan Awards stage at NQC, whether in Nashville or Louisville. I feel certain that even more great memories are in the making as the NQC starts a new chapter in Pigeon Forge.”

The Singing News Fan Awards are voted on by subscribers of Singing News Magazine, a monthly publication recognized as the “Printed Voice of Southern Gospel Music.” The nominating ballot appears in the March issue, the semi-final ballot (Top 10) appears in the May issue, and the final ballot (Top 5) appears in the July issue. Voting ballots are managed, counted, and verified by a third party accounting firm, Rayburn, Bates & Fitzgerald, located in Brentwood, Tennessee.

The National Quartet Convention is Gospel Music’s largest annual event drawing nearly 40,000 people from 40 states and a half dozen foreign countries to its annual event that showcases the premier talent in the world of Southern Gospel Music.

To learn more, go to or 

September 13, 2013

Recapping the 2nd Annual NQC Music Awards

LOUISVILLE, KY – The best in Southern Gospel took to the stage on Friday afternoon to celebrate the 2nd Annual NQC Music Awards. The crown jewel of NQC’s celebrated schedule of Friday Showcases certainly provided many lasting memories for those in attendance and watching online.

The Collingsworth Family

The Collingsworth Family took home multiple awards at the 2013 NQC Music Awards.

Hosted by the duo of Jeff Easter and Kevin Williams, the evening moved along smoothly with several big laughs along the way. Like the 2012 Inaugural NQC Music Awards, this year’s show paid tribute to the best songs throughout the year with performances from each Song of the Year nominee.

A brand new audience saw the NQC Music Awards this year, appearing as part of the NQC Free Friday campaign reaching 26 different countries. Just as NQC is reaching a wider audience, this new award show is also setting itself apart as an annual can’t-miss event.

The majority of awards were determined by popular fan vote, with five awards being selected by industry members. The National Quartet Convention wishes to thank the loyal voting base for their involvement throughout the process. The NQC would also like to extend heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

Winners include:
Soloist of the Year – Guy Penrod
Mixed Group of the Year – The Collingsworth Family*
Alto Singer of the Year – Sheri Easter*
Baritone Singer of the Year – Jim Brady*
Musician of the Year – Kim Collingsworth*
Soprano Singer of the Year – Kim Hopper*
Tenor Singer of the Year – David Phelps*
Lead Singer of the Year – Ronnie Booth*
Bass Singer of the Year – Eric Bennett*
Video of the Year – Brian Free & Assurance “I Want to Be That Man”
Songwriter of the Year – Dianne Wilkinson*
Producer of the Year – Ben Isaacs
Concert Promoter of the Year – Landon Beene
Radio Stations of the Year – WGUS, Augusta, GA and KWFC, Springfield, MO
Album of the Year – The Perrys, Through the Night
Song of the Year – Booth Brothers, “I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir”
Les Beasley Impact Award – Herschend Properties
Male Group of the Year – Booth Brothers*

*Denotes 2012 winner

Performances by:
Gaither Vocal Band “Glorious Freedom”
The Perrys “I Got a Hold of God This Morning”
The Kingdom Heirs “Just Beyond the Sunset”
Legacy Five “I’m Still Amazed”
Triumphant Quartet “Take It From Me Meshach”
Greater Vision “He Didn’t When He Could Have Passed By”
The Hoppers “He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me”
Booth Brothers “I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir”

September 4, 2013


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September 3, 2013

Gospel Music’s Largest Annual Event!

NQC 2012 Highlights Photo Gallery

NQC 2012 Highlights Photo Gallery




1-800-846-8499 ext. 1


August 30, 2013

NQC 2013… A Look Inside with Mark Trammell Quartet & The Collingsworth Family


Get an Inside Look at NQC 2013 as we visit with Mark Trammell Quartet and Courtney Collingsworth Metz.


Of the many highlights from National Quartet Convention 2012, one of those had to be an evening concert with the Mark Trammell Quartet. This quartet has deep roots with NQC and they are eager to share the joy of the event with everyone they meet. If you’re looking for a surprise at NQC 2013, the Mark Trammell Quartet just may have something up their sleeves…


As National Quartet Convention has grown, the event has seen a wide variety of relative unknowns become can’t-miss main stage artists. The Collingsworth Family is a fine example of putting faith into action. Courtney Collingsworth Metz graciously gave us a few minutes to talk about growing up at NQC and offers up some advice for those headed to Louisville this year.


We’re visiting with two of your favorite Southern Gospel artists right now, as we take A Look Inside with the Mark Trammel Quartet and The Collingsworth Family.


August 23, 2013

NQC 2013… A Look Inside with Greater Vision & The Hoppers

National Quartet Convention’s blog series “A Look Inside” continues as we get geared up for NQC 2013!
If you asked most Southern Gospel fans to name two of their favorite artists, there is a very good chance you would hear Greater Vision and The Hoppers mentioned multiple times. Both of these groups are veterans of National Quartet Convention and travel the world sharing the message of Christ through song.
For Greater Vision, NQC represents a yearly highlight for both the artists and Southern Gospel fans. What started out as an admiration for the music, quickly became a calling for Gerald Wolfe. Gerald shared with us how NQC was the place to develop lifelong friendships and a week where young artists can find their start.
If anyone can speak to the growth of NQC, Claude Hopper might be your best option (and most entertaining storyteller). Claude and The Hoppers have seen our event grow from the small crowds in Memphis and Nashville, to the can’t-miss event in Louisville, KY, annually attended by more than 40,000 fans. As son and drummer Michael can attest, when you’re a Hopper, showing up for NQC is something you always look forward to.
See what these great artists had to say when we sat down to visit with Greater Vision and The Hoppers.     Facebook     Twitter

The     Facebook     Twitter

August 17, 2013

NQC 2013… A Look Inside with The Kingdom Heirs & Tribute Quartet

National Quartet Convention’s blog series “A Look Inside” is back as we get geared up for NQC 2013!


Hailing from Pigeon Forge, TN, you can see The Kingdom Heirs nine months each year at Dollywood. Entering their 28th year with the theme park, this quartet has grown into one of Southern Gospel’s most popular artists. While these guys are accustomed to staying in one place most of the year, they spend the other three months on the road performing to audiences near and far. As veterans of National Quartet Convention, they have seen the event grow into the biggest week in Southern Gospel music and cannot wait to return each year.


Tribute Quartet is quickly becoming a must-see to many Southern Gospel fans. It takes only a moment to realize this group loves what they do and they have fun doing it! Just as National Quartet Convention has grown, so has their love for the event. You can regularly see members of Tribute throughout NQC as they sing, host, and share laughs with anyone to say hello. Tribute Quartet is a group on the rise and we are thrilled to have them join us again!


Let’s find out what NQC is like for these two groups as we take “A Look Inside” with The Kingdom Heirs and Tribute Quartet…     Facebook     Twitter     Facebook     Twitter

July 1, 2013

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NQC Contest FAQS

June 11, 2013

Share To Win, BIG

Great Gospel Music Vacation Giveaway!

And the winner is Margaret B. of Dallas, TX!

NQC Contest Winner

Margaret and a guest of her choice will enjoy:

•  Accommodations at the Galt House Suites Monday – Saturday
•  Two seats to the Monday – Saturday Evening Concerts
•  Two passes for the Monday – Saturday Afternoon Showcases
•  Complimentary Breakfast and Parking Included
•  Two Lunchtime Buffet Lunches at Joe Huber Family Farm along with Tractor Tour
•  Two passes to the Kentucky Derby Museum
•  Two passes to the Louisville Slugger Museum
•  PLUS – 2 CDs or DVDs from every artist chosen during entry!

*Void where prohibited.
*Must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter.
*CD & DVD prizes will be given at the artist’s discretion. 

NQC Contest FAQS