2016 Daytime Schedule & Seating

We are in the process of creating the NQC 2016 Daytime Schedule and will post it later this year.


12:30-1:00 Booth Brothers/Jim Brady Trio Showcase
12:30-3:00 NQC Artist Showcase (LeConte Center Food Court)
Artists Include: 2nd Generation, Adam’s Call, Bledsoes, Bowlin Ministries, Chloe Fuentes, Conquerors Quartet, Craguns, Great Day, Inheritance, Jedidiah Ayivor, Kent Curtis Family, Lineage of David, Lumber River Quartet, Master’s Promise, McNeills, Paul’s Journey, Second Coming, Soul’s Harbor, Stig Sjöberg, Terry Dorsey & Crimson Chord, The Band Kelly, Wisecarvers, Woodsmen Quartet
1:00-3:00 Singing News Fan Awards
12:30-3:00 Mega Showcase Matinee
Featuring: Booth Brothers, Collingsworth Family, Greater Vision, Hoppers, Isaacs, Jason Crabb, Jim Brady Trio, Kingdom Heirs, Mark Trammell Qt., Second Half Qt.
12:30-3:00 NQC Artist Showcase (LeConte Center Food Court)
Artists Include: Cavaliers Quartet, Chris Golden, Eighth Day, Foto Sisters, Hopes Journey, Hyssongs, Jay Stone Singers, Jordan Family Band, Kramers, Logan Smith, Mark Dubbeld Family, Matt Felts, Matt Linton, Mattingly Family, Promise Trio, PromisedLand Quartet, Revelation, Rochesters, Sherry Anne, Shireys, Troy Burns Family
12:30-1:00 Vintage Quartet Showcase
Vintage style with just piano and two microphones: Featuring Dixie Echoes, Mark Trammell Qt., Second Half Qt., & Legacy Five
12:30-3:00 NQC Artist Showcase (LeConte Center Food Court)
Artists Include: Children of the Promise, Dean Newkirk, Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call, Gospel Harmony Boys, Greg Logins & Revival, Griffith Family, Heart 2 Heart, High Road, Jonathan Bledsoe, Junior Combs & Southern Joy, Lindsey Graham, Faithful Journey Qt.Lore Family, Matchless Grace, Messiah’s Call, Oasis, Peyton Sisters, Porter Family, Sacred Harmony, Tim Menzies, Wilbanks, Wrights
1:00-2:00 Dr. David Jeremiah
2:15-3:00 Music, Music, Music
A showcase dedicated to great musicianship hosted by Kim Collingsworth and Gerald Wolfe
12:30-1:00 Dennis Swanberg
12:30-3:00 NQC Artist Showcase (LeConte Center Food Court)
Artists Include: 4 One Quartet, Allegience, Biblical Times Singers, Bob Holbrook, Chandlers, Coffmans, Emmaus Road, Goulds, Jason Runnels, Jones’s, Jordan’s Shore, Kaleb Powell, Lakeside, Lisa Ann Ferguson, Malachi, Old Time Preachers Quartet, Saving Grace, Shane Dunlap, Timmy Williamson, Watson Brothers
1:10-2:10 Stories of the Songs
Hear the stories of how your favorite songs were written featuring several prominent songwriters and hosted by Phil Cross and Rodney Griffin
2:15-3:15 Perry Stone